White Papers

Cybernet develops white papers to help IT professionals understand, select, evaluate and implement all-in-one PC technology for their respective industries. We make them available to you free of charge here at our website. You can read them here or download a PDF.

Cybernet: Redefining Medical Grade Computing
April 2012, 8 pages

This white paper defines medical grade computing for today's medical facilities. It addresses the importance of why hospitals must choose medical grade computers to maintain patient safety and infection control, and to ensure a positive return on investment. This detailed white paper will assist the IT, Finance, and Regulatory/Legal departments in their technology purchase decisions.

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All-in-One PC Technology for the Enterprise: Guidelines for Decision-making
August 2011, 11 pages

This unique white paper presents 20 considerations for evaluating all-in-one PC technology and choosing PC vendors. With lots of technical and business detail, it will assist IT managers, Directors, or CIOs in making technology purchase decisions. It also can be used as a checklist for evaluating vendors.

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