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Looking for space saving mini PCs, small PCs or all in one desktops that can reduce clutter and free up your workspace? Cybernet Manufacturing, Inc. is the right place to find what you need. Cybernet is the industry pioneer in all in one computers, medical PCs, mini PCs, fanless all in one PCs, and IP65 industrial PCs. Since 1996, we have been developing and manufacturing reliable, high-performance all-in-one computer solutions that can be customized to fit any enterprise environment. We serve a wide range of industries, including banking, health care, education, government and POS systems for retail.

Cybernet’s product lines include several all-in-one computer designs that fit in compact packages. Our iOne-GX45 is an all in one, customizable LCD PC that has the computing power of a desktop PC packaged in an LCD monitor. Similarly, the iOne-H5 and iOne-G4 are powerful LCD PCs with a widescreen display. The ZPC-GX31 is a mini PC housed in a keyboard, with a “zero footprint” on your desktop. There are two medical grade LCD PCs ideal for use in a hospital or clinic, including a medical all in one PC (the iOne-MP171) and a fanless medical PC (the iOne-MP172) that both have an antimicrobial coating for sterile medical environments. The iOne-MP172 can also be used as a fanless industrial PC.

All of our mini PC products are customizable to fit your specific environment, and our account reps work with you one on one to determine the right configuration to meet your specifications and your budget. The ease of deployment and installation for our all-in-one PCs will lower your overall ownership cost.

Cybernet also offers a full range of computer accessories to complement and maximize the use of your all-in-one PC. From USB wireless devices and hard drives to medical carts and mounting arm solutions, we have everything needed to maximize your mini PC.

Cybernet builds in exceptional reliability and quality to all of its products, but also delivers personalized support from day one. With a U.S.-based tech support team, we are standing by to help you get the most of your all-in-one computers. Should the need arise to have the small PC sent in for repairs, we also guarantee fast turn-around times to minimize downtime and keep your operations up and running.  When a mini PC is returned to Cybernet for warranty service, it is subjected to the same thorough testing as a new all-in-one PC®.¬†At Cybernet, our primary focus is on customer satisfaction.

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